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Architecture with Ambition, a forward-thinking architectural firm known for its innovative and sustainable design solutions needed to level up their visual presence. Architecture with Ambition approached Vro to undertake a comprehensive rebranding project aimed at reflecting their core values of innovation, sustainability, and modern aesthetics. The goal was to not only revitalise their brand identity but also enhance their online presence through a revamped website and a dynamic social media strategy.


Vro’s approach was holistic, starting with a deep dive into the client’s philosophy, target audience, and market position. Our strategy was crafted to showcase Architecture with Ambition as a leader in cutting-edge architectural design, emphasising their commitment to pushing boundaries and shaping futures.

Logo and Visual Identity

We developed a new logo and visual identity that captures the essence of bold, clean and ambitious architecture. They were very keen on their brand accurately reflecting the bold style in the way of thick lines and a striking stand out colour pallet. The design features clean, modern lines with an emphasis on structure and sustainability, mirroring the client’s design principles.

Tagline: Alongside the visual elements, we crafted the tagline “Designing Futures, Building Dreams” to encapsulate their vision and mission, further establishing their niche in architectural innovation.

Website redesign

The new website was designed with a focus on user experience, ensuring it was both visually appealing and easy to navigate. The portfolio is a core ellement of the home page and forms the main backbone to the site.We incorporated immersive video content that highlights their architectural projects to quickly showcase their portfolio of work.

Check out their site design here 👉 AWA_co website

Video content

They needed a top of funnel video on their website to help showcase their values and portfolio. The video needed to be social and web ready so an emphasis on energy and movement was required. This meant a balance of live-action and motion design to really make it pop. You can see the video on their website (link above).

SEO and Content Strategy

SEO-optimised content was developed to improve search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic. The content strategy was aligned with industry keywords and integrated into project descriptions and top level headers.

Social media revamp

We created a comprehensive social media content calendar that aligns with the firm’s marketing goals and the interests of their target audience. This included architectural thought leadership articles, behind-the-scenes content from ongoing projects, and features on sustainability in design.

Check out some of the visuals we put together for them 👀🚀

Engagement Strategy

Our team implemented engagement tactics such as interactive polls, Q&A sessions with architects, and live tours of project sites to boost interaction and follower growth.


The rebranding and digital overhaul significantly enhanced Architecture with Ambition's market presence. The new brand identity resonated with both existing clients and attracted new prospects. Their website now serves as a robust platform for showcasing their expertise and attracting potential clients, while their revitalised social media presence has increased engagement and expanded their audience reach.

This project exemplifies Vro’s ability to transform and elevate a brand by aligning its visual identity with its corporate ethos and enhancing its digital footprint. Through strategic branding, thoughtful design, and targeted digital marketing.

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