Stalsen approached Vro with the objective of capturing the essence and utility of their gloves through a professional photoshoot. The aim was to showcase the gloves in situ, highlighting their durability, comfort, and protective features in real working conditions. The photoshoot was intended to generate a versatile photo set that could be utilised across various platforms and for multiple marketing purposes, from digital advertising to print materials.


Recognising the importance of authentic representation of the product in its intended environment, Vro meticulously planned and executed a comprehensive photoshoot that would bring Stalsen's vision to life.

Location: The photoshoot was conducted on actual construction sites and industrial settings to ensure authenticity. The locations were carefully selected to provide a realistic backdrop that resonates with the target audience of site workers and safety managers.

Models: Real site workers were employed as models to wear and demonstrate the gloves’ functionality. This approach not only ensured the images were relatable to the target audience but also highlighted the gloves’ ergonomic design and suitability for prolonged use in demanding conditions.

Photography Style: Vro opted for a candid, action-oriented photography style to capture the gloves in use. The focus was on showcasing the gloves’ features, such as grip, flexibility, and protection against various hazards, in dynamic work scenarios.

Product Highlight: Special attention was given to highlight the unique selling points of Stalsen gloves, including their material quality, design innovation, and safety certifications. Close-up shots and angles emphasising these details were prioritised to communicate the product's value proposition effectively.

The product photoshoot successfully captured the essence of Stalsen gloves, portraying them as the go-to choice for site workers requiring premium hand protection. The authentic and high-quality images resonated with the target audience, significantly enhancing Stalsen's brand image and product visibility. The versatile photo set became a key asset in Stalsen’s marketing toolkit, contributing to increased engagement on social media, improvements in online product listings, and an uptick in inquiries and sales.

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