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RVNU, a pioneering fin-tech startup, set to transform the e-commerce landscape with its innovative API and app. RVNU's platform introduces a novel way for users to make online purchases and monetize their social circles, offering a seamless integration of commerce and social networking.


Understanding the disruptive potential of RVNU, Vro crafted a comprehensive brand identity and digital marketing strategy to introduce this innovative product to the market. This is a fully comprehensive project delivered by Vro to give RVNU the cohesion it needed to attract retailers and users alike.

Recognising the importance of engaging with a digitally savvy audience, Vro developed a dynamic social content plan tailored to Instagram and TikTok, where RVNU’s target users are most active. The content strategy focused on educating the audience about the benefits of RVNU’s API and app, highlighting use cases, and showcasing the ease and convenience of monetising social circles. Engaging infographics, user testimonials, and interactive polls were scheduled to foster community engagement and drive curiosity.

To succinctly convey RVNU's value proposition, Vro produced a compelling explainer video. This short, engaging piece was designed to demystify the technology behind RVNU and illustrate its benefits in a relatable manner. The video narrative guides viewers through the process of making online purchases and monetising their social circles using RVNU, highlighting the app’s ease of use and potential for earning. This explainer video was optimised for social sharing, serving as a powerful tool for increasing awareness and encouraging downloads.

Check out the video below 👀

What did we do

1. Strategic brand and social media

2. Mobile UI and UX design

3. Brand identity and tone

4. Video content production


The strategic brand and digital marketing efforts spearheaded by Vro successfully positioned RVNU as an on-trend player in the fin-tech and e-commerce sectors. The visually comprehensive social content plan captured the attention of the target audience, generating buzz and anticipation ahead of the product launch. The multifaceted approach led to increased brand visibility, pre-launch user sign-ups, and early adoption of the RVNU app, laying a solid foundation for its growth and success in the competitive digital marketplace.

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This project exemplifies Vro’s capability to not only understand and visualise a client’s innovative vision but also to execute a marketing strategy that resonates with the target audience. By combining creative branding with a targeted digital marketing approach, Vro played a pivotal role in preparing for the launch ofRVNU. Hopefully paving the way to a milestone in the evolution of e-commerce transactions and social monetisation.

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