Crafting content that strikes

Human voices: How to amplify your brand on social media

Welcome back to the Vro blog – your go-to space for sprinkles of creativity and dollops of effective strategies. Today, we’re tackling a hot topic that could turn the heat up on your social media presence. No we're not talking about going viral, but we are talking about connecting to those people that matter most: your fans (or soon to be fans).

Now, before you roll your eyes and say, "Easier said than done," let us pack this guide with actionable, fun tips that aim to boost your brand's visibility by potentially going viral. Because in today’s digital world, having a strong and consistent voice isn't just nice; it’s often necessary.

Understanding people: The basics

First things first, let’s debunk a common myth: Social media growth is hard. Well, we would say it's not easy, but it certainly isn't hard either. It just takes some research, that feeds your knowledge base around your core offering, and then your target audience. The rest in plain sailing from there.

Good content is about resonance. Your content needs to resonate with your audience on a level that compels them to share it. It’s about striking the right chord at the right time. And again, for all your faithful followers of ours, you know we harp on about getting your message heard by the right people…which leads us nicely into…

Crafting content that strikes ⚡

Know your audience 🙋

You’ve probably heard this a million times, but it’s worth repeating: You need to know who your audience is. What do they like? What do they hate? What gets them excited, and what makes them click ‘share’ or 'like'. I mean for most of us, creating useful content is enough, but those of you that are super ambitious you want to build a real community for loyal people who really vlaue your content. This is the gold standard.

Engage emotionally 🥹

Emotions drive shares. Content that elicits strong emotions, whether awe, surprise, joy, or even anger (although we wouldn't recommend creating content that will make people feel angry. Positive experiences outweigh negative ones every, single, time. Plus it is more likely to get the attention of those who are primed and ready for it. Here’s how to tap into those feels:

Tell a story: Humans are wired for stories. We eat them up and ask for seconds. Your content should weave a narrative that viewers can get lost in.

Humour works wonders: Ever shared a meme? Yep, we all have. Injecting humour into your content can make it more shareable and relatable.

Be positive - We just said positivity wins the day, so be positive.

Be yourself - This is a big one, people will remember and respond to a real human being.

Visuals matter 🎨

In the age of memes and TikTok, visuals are key. Bright, high-contrast images or well-produced videos catch the eye and are more likely to be remembered and valued.

Quality Over quantity: One stellar graphic can do more for your brand than ten subpar ones. Invest in good graphic design, video production and general content creation.

Video is dold: Video content has higher engagement rates. Even simple, well-edited videos can tell a compelling story quickly.

Be on brand - Kind of an obvious one but soooo many brands are all over the place with this (if you need help sllighing your brand goals and messge then just drop us a message, we can give you some free's free!) haha.

Amplification tactics

Leverage hashtags

Hashtags expand your reach beyond your immediate followers. Use relevant, popular hashtags, but also niche ones where your content can stand out.

Collaborations and shoutouts

Collaborate with influencers or brands that align with your values. This isn't just about piggybacking on their success—it’s about merging your audiences in a way that feels organic and mutually beneficial.

Timing is everything

The right content at the wrong time can flop. Know when your audience is most active on each social platform and schedule your posts to go live during these windows.

Sure there are no guarantees, but using these methods will have a positive effect on our reach and engagement, and if you know your audience you will start to benefit from a solid content strategy.

A Moon Dressed Like Saturn: Image Credit & Copyright: Francisco Sojuel

The heartwarming story

Remember the video of the colourblind man seeing colour for the first time with special glasses? It tugged at heartstrings and went massively viral. Emotional impact is powerful.

The Vro tip: keep it fun and true

Here at Vro, we believe that the best content feels like fate to the person finding value in it. It's a simple concept that basically works backwards. If they connect with the content then they are the people who are meant to be part of your community. It reflects your brand's authentic voice and provides genuine value or entertainment. Get your personality out there, your teams, yours, the real magic of your business.

It's the same with marketing in general. Those that find your marketing good, useful, valuable are exactly the sort of people who you need to be connecting with. A self fulfilling prophecy.

Wrapping up

Getting your social strategy right isn't down to luck, or paid, and it's really not about posting content for contents sake. But with these tips, you're well on your way to amplifying your brand's voice across social media. Remember, consistent, quality engagement with your audience is the surest way to grow your presence.

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